The Advantages of CGI

At Bluebead Architects, we have several processes which add value to the architectural design process – one of them is the power of three-dimensional visualisation – also known as “arch-viz” or “CGI” (computer generated imagery).

Not everyone is architecturally trained, we understand that (which is why we are the professionals). It is not so straightforward sometimes to read a floor plan and immediately understand its context, its sense of space (or lack of), and importantly for us (read at this link why), its visual and lighting qualities.

This is where the power of three-dimensional CGI visualisation images comes in – it allows for a realistic depiction of space while offering tactile and visual feedback before a brick is even laid or a floor put down.

Not all images are equal though – some are more conceptual and ‘sketch-like’, while others can be ‘photorealistic’, which gives an insight into what to expect once the build is fully finished – a true “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) feel.

We use a range of software to achieve convincing three-dimensional visualisations including industry standard Autodesk 3ds Max. Jimi’s background specialism lies within “CGIs” and “arch-viz”, so Bluebead Architects is in a strong position to add additional insight into potential designs with compelling visualisations.


A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and the power of imagery can help bring a vision to life far quicker than a tiring back and forth over two-dimensional plans.

Here is a recent example that we’ve completed for a project which displays the value-added benefits of three-dimensional imagery to the design process. The project is a studio/garden office with subterranean features.

Project Inset_V4_Camera018_2_apx400CD_D55_0.5_100_FuturaII400_postpro_bleached_cropped

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