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Residential development West Sussex - Bluebead Architects in Uxbridge

Say hello to an alternative, “breath of fresh air” approach to architectural design.

Bluebead Architects is an architectural practice based in Uxbridge (London), designing responsive spaces with an exemplary focus on detail, form and function.

Bluebead provides comprehensive architectural services from inception to completion of construction works. We work with a collaborative, creative and cost-effective design approach, and the studio relishes in delivering responsive solutions that are tailored to its context and the requirements of each client.

Our ethos – through the process of designing vibrant spaces – is enabling better relationships between you and the buildings you interact with. This fosters better health, wellbeing, and comfort – whether that’s a carefully crafted office space, a house, an apartment, or a retail space. | 07874 946 231

Collaborative, creative, and cost-effective design approach tailored for our clients.

Consideration for the positive impact that light and space make on perceptions of wellbeing.

Environmental impact always a primary factor in our designs; with nature, not against.

Selected Projects

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Design Principles

Did you know that ill health results from a combination of environmental characteristics such as overcrowding, noise, air quality and light?

At Bluebead Architects, our overriding principle is creating soothing and welcoming spaces that enables function to flourish, through our careful consideration of form, space, and materiality – whether that is a residential dwelling, commercial space, or public setting.


For project enquiries, please contact us below. We provide comprehensive architectural services including:

  • Initial consultation and brief appraisal
  • Preparation of initial design proposals from measured survey
  • Design development towards submission for planning
  • Preparation of technical documentation for Building Control
  • Advising on suitable contractors to commence construction
  • Preparation of tender documentation and advising on a suitable building contract
  • Contract administration during the construction period | 07874 946 231