Third-party consultants and statutory fees

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No two buildings are alike, and each come with their own set of characteristics and site requirements that may involve additional costs with an external consultant. An ‘external consultant’ could be a structural engineer, a building surveyor, or party wall surveyor.

Bluebead Architects will always endeavour to assist as much possible to recommend the right consultants at the right time to aid the design process.

We thought it would be good to outline some of them below. Some of them may not be needed depending on the size of the project.

  • Measured Survey – We always recommend a professional measured survey of the building and its land. A good measured survey is critical for reducing issues later in the design process.
  • Structural Engineer – A structural engineer’s input will likely be needed even during the early design stages, to ensure the co-ordination of the proposal. We will assist you by seeking local engineers on your behalf.
  • Party Wall Surveyor – A party wall notice will be necessary if constructing on or along the boundaries between yourselves and adjoining buildings. A party wall surveyor can assist with preparing the Party Wall Award.
  • Flood risk or SUDS Assessment – If the site is situated in a location prone to flooding, or has an elevated risk of flooding, a flood risk assessment will be required as part of the planning submission. This may need to be undertaken by a specialist consultant.  
  • Tree Consultant – If the site is in close proximity to protected trees or the proposal intends to build close to such trees, an impact assessment may be required as part of any planning submission. This will need to be prepared by a specialist aboricultural consultant.

Statutory Costs

  • Local Authority Planning Application – This is a fee that is paid directly to the local authority. This can vary in cost depending on the type of application.
  • Building ControlThis is a fee that is directly to either to the local authority building control team, or to a private building control inspection firm.

We hope that this helps to understand the range of external consultants that sometimes form part of the overall design process especially on larger projects. On smaller projects, some of them may not be necessary. However, we will always discuss the external consultants to consider getting on board as soon as it becomes apparent in the design process.

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